Providing Agents with a Powerful Competitive Edge

In today's rapidly changing insurance market, agents are realizing that the best time to add value is when their customers have a claim! If you're giving your policyholders an 800 number and a "good luck" when they need a contractor, you are missing out on the most important opportunity to build your book of business.

Responsive Restoration helps professionals like you:

  • Increase Policyholder Retention
  • Increase "Word-of-Mouth" Referrals for New Business
  • Gain a Powerful, New Competitive Edge Against Online and "Main Street" Competition
  • Eliminate Having to Be the "Bad Guy" on Coverage Denials
  • Reduce Loss Ratios and Increases Incentives

How to Gain a Clear Selling Advantage
Growing Internet insurance sales indicate that consumers no longer value live agents like they once did. Most policyholders are willing to "break up" with their agent because they perceive no difference between agents besides price.

The Personal Touch
When you become personally involved during a claim, you are of­fering a value proposition that can't be met by your competition. This gives policyholders a powerful reason to choose you!

Claim Involvement is Easy
You can eas­ily be a part of a claims process that offers your policyholders unmatched levels of service. The kind of service policyholders expect from their agent, but rarely receive.

Happy Policyholders Become Cheerleaders
Word-of-mouth referrals are the very best advertising you can get. When you demonstrate to your policyholders that you really care by providing above and beyond service, you create "Cheerleaders" that will act as unpaid salespeople for your agency.

Agency Support Program
Our program is designed to provide you with a powerful differentiation that will give customers compelling reasons to make you their agent! Call 678-500-8165 or email us to schedule an appointment to obtain all the details.